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Urban Farming | Spring 2025

At Know Good & Well, we offer a diverse range of urban agriculture events and training programs designed to educate, engage, and empower communities. Led by Aniki Coates, a certified expert in sustainable urban agriculture and horticulture, our programs cater to all ages and foster intergenerational connections. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, our events provide valuable insights and hands-on experiences in urban farming. Here are some of the urban agriculture events and trainings we offer:

 Intergenerational Gardening Programs

Bring together different generations to share knowledge and experience the joy of gardening. Activities are designed to be inclusive and engaging for all ages.

Highlights: Planting, harvesting, storytelling, and garden art projects.


 Seasonal Gardening Workshops

Prepare your garden for each season with workshops that cover planting, maintenance, and harvesting techniques tailored to the time of year.

Highlights: Seasonal plant selection, garden planning, and care tips.


 Edible Landscaping

Transform your landscape into a productive garden that provides fresh food. Learn about edible plant selection and landscape design.

Highlights: Garden design, plant care, and harvesting techniques.

Each of our urban agriculture events and trainings is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that promotes environmental stewardship, community engagement, and personal wellness. Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse populations, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the joys and rewards of urban farming.

Urban Farming Basics & Advance Agriculture Training

Hands-on activities, soil testing, and garden layout design. In-depth workshops, practical demonstrations, and expert guidance.

Learn the essentials of urban farming, including site selection, soil preparation, and crop planning. Ideal for those new to urban agriculture. Or deepen your knowledge of sustainable farming practices with advanced techniques in crop rotation, permaculture, and organic pest management.

School & Youth Programming or Community Gardens Development

Interactive gardening activities, educational games, and hands-on learning.Project planning, community engagement strategies, and resource management.

Engage young minds with educational programs focused on urban agriculture. Teach children about plant life cycles, sustainability, and healthy eating.

Learn how to start and manage a community garden, from securing land to organizing volunteers and managing resources.

Health & Wellness & Farm-to-Table Workshops

Wellness workshops, mindfulness practices, and therapeutic gardening activities. Cooking demonstrations, nutritional education, and hands-on meal preparation.

Discover the health benefits of urban agriculture and how gardening can improve physical and mental well-being. Learn techniques to reduce stress and promote health. Combine urban farming with culinary arts by learning how to grow and cook your own food. Harvest fresh ingredients and create delicious meals.

Weekend Market
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